The Shed

Northbridge, WA, Australia

The site for the Shed had been operated as The Good The Bad & The Ugly under special license. The themed design brief re-established the Australian beer garden as an outside venue.

Licensing Court approvals were achieved by the development of a PA and sound distribution system which used a multiple speaker short-throw principle and therefore achieved minimal sound spill into adjacent areas. Special insulation and sound absorptive details were used to prevent low frequency spill across the night atmosphere into remote residential areas.

The Australian design theme, complete with windmill and rolling retractable roof was combined with strategic planning which refurbished the facility to create 6 distinctive entertainment areas providing settings for garden, sheltered, dance, restaurant, private seminar, and tappas/café facilities.

The back of house facilities and procurement included state of the art monitored security and surveillance, coolrooms, bars, Top of Table, beverage distribution systems and tills/stock management network.