Jumeirah Isands

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Jumeirah Islands is the largest project that Garry Lawrence and Lawrence Associates has ever been involved. As the project was lagging with design changes and contract & inventory management, Garry was brought in to manage and troubleshoot the project.

The site was a massive 3km x 1km (300Ha, 3 000 000m2) with its own artificial lagoon, created by pumping water from the ocean over 3km away. The land within the Jumeirah Islands is made up of 45 islands, each island containing 15 luxury villas for a total of 720 houses.

The total cost for the project was, in the local currency, 1.5 billion United Arab Emirates Dirham, which is 500 million Australian Dollars (AUD$ 500 000 000 .00).

4 years had been allocated to troubleshoot and get the project back on track. Under the management of Garry, the project was back on track in 6 months.

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